Some supplementing links (mostly videos)

The Jewish Community of Sweden (image/link on left)

The original IBA video but with Barbara Spectre's 75 seconds of fame cut out

AntiRacist Hitler - 'Divörsity is guut!' (image/link on left)

Must-see parody of Barbara Spectre

Do you see non Jews as equal to you? (image/link on left)

Enlightening street interviews with ✡ - see how much religion-driven ✡ and ☪ orientals are alike

Family Guy - Jewish Jokes || 2. (image/link on left)

That's american humour near its best - when will fx germans start to make comparable jokes?

MP Ewald Stadler about the Turkish Ambassador in Austria (image/link on left)

A species of MP which has become rare

Yuri Bezmenov: The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion (image/link on left)

Maybe begin 1:07:28 where he starts explaining about ideological subversion - because this is our situation

Pinchas Goldschmidt ✡ about relationship to ☪ (image/link on left)

'We see ourselves fighting together with our muslim brothers'

David Touitou ✡ about relationship to ☪ (image/link on left)

'islam est le balai d'israel' = 'Islam is Israel's broom'

Lawrence Auster ✡ about relationship to ☪ (image/link on left)

'Why Jews welcome Muslims'

Kevin MacDonald about ✡ relationship to ☪ (image/link on left)

'Jewish community has been the single most important and powerful group in favor of unrestricted immigration'

Annette Poizner ✡ about relationship to goyim (image/link on left)

'The organized Jewish community, driven by the Torah’s concern for the disenfranchised, values diversity and strives to create an inclusive environment. In fact, as a whole, many Jews naturally recoil from ideas that challenge minority voices'