The white-christian societies' problems: You need to see also this, before it possibly can get better

Not that I would generally have a higher opinion of politicians. Yet their complete failure these last decades in this field raises one question: Why isn't there at least one, or maybe even a few, that have remained rational? Why are all of them in on the MC/PC lemming trek? There seems to be a simple historic reason, and we only have to look back for less than a century.

In 1938, a global conference was held in the french town Evian on Lake Geneva, where more than 30 of the wor1d's white-christian nations participated - now called the Evian conference (image/link on left). The aim was to find nations ready to accept persecuted ✡ from Germany. lt was an embarassing assembly of white-christian people, and after nine days of idle talk it became obvious that no-one wished to have ✡, so the conference finished with this result.

Fast forward 7 years: In 1945, high-ranking ✡ activists - seeing their unique chance to achieve the 'final solution of the goyim question (problem)' once and for all - travelled with their HC photo album to all the white-christian nations' govemments, showed their HC photos and reproached them for not having accepted persecuted ✡. They blamed them for what had happened, and the reason for the white-christian nations' acting was, according to the logic of the religion-driven ✡ orientals - 'antisem'. The white-christian nations' governments dared not contradict although they knew the real reason: All of them had their ✡ diaspora, all of them had made bad experiences with the 'ingenious Nobel-prize' ✡, and they preferred not to have any more of them.

So why didn't they dare contradict? Simple: These decent white chistians were under the influence of the HC photos shown to them - and nothing has changed ever since: ✡ have systematically continued their undermining policy of our societies, by uninterrupted continuance of their manipulations, beginning from that photo session as starting point, via re-education of following generations to today's political muppets, who are unable to identify the paralysis our societies suffer from - and the cause for this development. We europeans find it hard to imagine such a monstrosity, but again: They are not europeans (they pretend to be when we're near), they are religion-driven orientals living in a virtual parallel society in our nations, like also ☪. Don't you remember 'an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth'? Yes, we are going through our own HC, and the forces in our societies calling the shots are too stupid/craven to see it and speak out about it, because they fear to be called 'antisem'.

This logic explains also why the societal degradation through MC and PC is not limited to Germany, the HC originator, but all white-christian societies: After Evian, ✡ consider all white-christians complicit and therefore subject to the same Old Testament-style punishment.

Now a few words about the special relationship between ✡ and the USA. You see, much of the global interests the ✡ pursue, they do not pursue directly but instead use the USA as a tool for it - Hollywood-hypnotised as we are, the elites included, they have an easy game. The USA have performed a remarkable journey from being ✡ critical - see the Franklin prophecy (image/link on left) - to being an obedient ✡ lapdog, although there occasionally are signs that consciousness has not been totally extinguished yet: See in the first video in this Daily Mail newspaper article (image/link on left), as congressman Jeff van Drew interrogates/corners the american attorney general, manipulative ✡ Merrick Garland. Rhetoric question: Would a german politician dare to corner a ✡ like that? Would he even meet the knowledge and character requirements for it?

Also here we can sense that the same method has been applied like the one used post-1945 (in the wake of Evian and HC): The intended erosive process of a body is initiated in a small area and then gradually expands from there, until not much more than the casing is left.

Here is one more ✡ that you may never have heard of, but who had tremendous influence on how the US became - Edward Bernays (image/link on left). Let's listen to his own words:

'The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. [...] We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. [...] In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons [...] who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.' (image/link on left)

In other words: Forget the american founding fathers. The process has advanced to a degree where you cannot really tell the difference between a non ✡ american, and one who defines as ✡. This may also explain why americans appear rather different from brits, in contrast to australians, new zealanders or even canadians - who have not been spared by ✡, but not focussed upon to the same degree as americans.

To better understand through some practical examples what ✡ american interventions mean for the rest of the world, their 'friends' included, check this report. It's the 2 comments titled 'Looking for WPns...' towards the end. They were deleted within about 5 minutes from the Wikipedia Talk page to their article on 4G - (image/link on left). This should tell you: It is something that you are not supposed to know, you 'free people in a free country'.

A personal remark: It has taken me much time to understand to what extent ✡ influence has determined the course of my life (and that of all the others too, evidently). Beginning with retro-realising that at least half of the pupils in my post-WW2 school class were ✡; same for teachers; the pupils generally showed a hostile or condescending atttitude, the teachers usually kept their emotions better under control. Little wonder: Many of the german fathers had been killed in the war, or were then still held as prisoners-of-war. But where did all these ✡ come from, after we learned that they all had been murdered? And why were they so eager to live in the society of those they consider their murderers? Not least: Where will such a demographic development lead if it is allowed to persist? And next to Germany, more european countries, historically inhabited by significant numbers of ✡, lost many men as a consequence of WW2. Can they be considered likewise undermined? How many of these not-really-native citizens will become fx politicians?

I may not be the only one who has had a strange feeling for a long time, but could not really express my impressions. And even today where I have caught up with some of the facts, I know that without having studied human sciences, it is hard to fully understand these things, let alone word them logically and make them understandable for others (and here also in a different language than my own). I would certainly have preferred to read such an essay written by a well-positioned scientist. But who would that be - given that any such research, let alone publication of the findings, would by default be considered 'antisem'?

From the recurring 'Palestine demonstrations', I would conclude that others have similar feelings and found 'palestinians' as an ersatz field to express their displeasure about ✡. You know, the logical thing were if these people turned against ✡ directly where they themselves are affected, but they have learned that ✡ are saints, so any criticism against ✡ is precluded, in one's own interest. Now where they see that ✡ seem to preach water and drink wine (reminder: 'chosen people', 'Is it good for the ✡' moral guideline), they see this as a next-best chance to express, and risk-free, their displeasure of ✡ acting patterns. [Again: The territory they're on (next to being their homeland in historic terms) was legally handed over to them in 1948 by the UN - there was no state of Palestine. They need a homeland, and it should not be among us - why not where they utimately originate from?]

Conclusion: We are not responsible for ✡'s religion-based psychological problems, no matter what this disease has led and may lead them to. Best would be if the ✡ leaders just assumed responsibility for the tribe's actions, instead of keep blaming everybody else, but that doesn't seem to be on the cards. We need to liberate ourselves from this insane situation. What ✡ do in our lands is a subtle monstrosity that is unparalleled in human history. ✡ need to realise their mental problems and grow up, instead of blaming everyone else and keeping them HC monsterment hostage for their own failures. We need to start by realising: ✡ are anything but saints. Reject indoctrination, end chosen people myth/antisem scam & ✡ sainthood.

This website is an attempt to break a global societal taboo. It is probably the hardest taboo that ever existed in the world. If many people help to shake it, it can be broken, and we non ✡ can be liberated. Please share this website far and wide - don't forget the media and politicians, and especially in Germany: The german ✡ paralysis keeps affecting all of Europe.