The white-christian societies' problems: The causes are before our eyes, but we have been conditioned to disregard evidence pointing there

How is it possible that, since about 1970, our white-christian societies have changed the way they have? Did this really happen all by itself? Or was it done by forces mentally disposed to ruthlessly perform such a monstrosity, plus in a position to actually do it - all the while making sure no real resistance forms against what they keep doing?

My intention is to give you important facts of our lives that people normally are not aware of. After having taken note of the information provided, you should be in a position to do more research on the internet as you feel necessary, to close your individual knowledge gaps. At the same time you will be developping your own opinion on the issue: So you will hopefully break the pervasive corset of indoctrination we have been brought up in, and in which we are being kept. To make things easier for you, I wrote the text as 'short' as possible - obviously, also a book could be written about it. To prove the point, I have provided a few links to sources - video, images/maps, text - important enough to check, according to my impression.

Also I have tried to avoid toxic words - words that originally were like any other, but which have through relentless abuse (given new, twisted meanings) become loaded with hidden connotations (image/link on left). We can no longer use them without triggering adverse reactions in others, such that our message can no longer be conveyed undistorted. This is why I avoid them and have created new ones instead. Examples would be ✡ (speak Jay), Antisem, HC, but also (from the other oriental faction) Isfob, plus Bassism - I am certain most readers will understand what these circumscriptions mean. This way, we avoid triggering the hidden contents and can again discuss this important issue with the necessary peace of mind.

In 1976 (on 29 may, to be exact), then german chancellor Helmut Schmidt was on a state visit to Turkey, where he was greeted by then president Süleyman Demirel. Schmidt was a member of the older generation (before the 1960s), nothing multicultural or politically correct/woke about him. I realise that younger readers will have problems to imagine such an upbringing. During their conversation, he made a condescending remark regarding Turkey and 'turkish conditions', excessive population growth included. Demirel countered by stating that Turkey, to solve its problem, would just export its surplus people to Germany. Schmidt: 'We will not permit that.' Demirel: 'That remains to be seen.' Schmidt bemused, topic closed (or so he thought).

Until a number of years ago, this course of events could be found in detail through Google. Nowadays, you will find nothing, except a few mundane photos with a nonchalant caption. Censored away? Looks like it.

My own conclusion, in short: Israel and Turkey are not 'good friends' today, but were at that time. So it suggests itself to assume that there were closer contacts among the governments. Can it be excluded that Turkey was kept posted by Israel about the systematic societal changes in progress in Germany (and the other white-christian nations), actively performed by local ✡ and their mitläufer (ideological fellow travellers), and backed/coordinated by svengalis at global ✡ HQ? Something like: 'We have manipulated their society to such an extent already that in a few years, you won't recognise them any more. Just wait until the present generation is replaced by the new one, then it's all yours.' ✡ - normally silent about their wheeling and dealing - are known for an occasional surprising, condescending openness - provided they feel strong. We will soon see that they actually had every reason to be.

Sample of such an openness event? Meet Barbara Lerner Spectre (3 images/links on left).

Another one? Sure: Meet Martin Levi van Creveld (image/link on left) who is on file to have said: 'We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force... We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.' Would you think this is something suitable to say for a 57-year old (at that date) member of the ✡ Nobel candidate elite, or doesn't it rather sound like strong-arm tactics worthy of a teenage yob? So why does the ✡ state remain silent (as far as I can see) when one of the members of its elite makes outrageous statements like this one? Not least a statement which violates its own policy of deliberate ambiguity (ie never officially denying nor admitting to having nuclear weapons), which Israel so far has maintained. And asking if any of our politicians protested, or at least asked for an explanation, is probably completely futile.

So we have learned that ✡ promote multiculturalism (MC). The same is true for political correctness (PC)/wokery (image/link on left). These two mechanisms are the only tools needed to bring down white-christian societies, and within a number of decades. ✡ are champions in exploiting the effects of human group insanity to their advantage, a disease that is rampant also among politicians and governments - how could it be any different.

Let's take a short look at who ✡ are: They are not christians, they are neither europeans nor americans nor australians, even if they carry any of those passports. Don't be fooled by the fact that a certain percentage of them may have a kind of european look, and that they speak the local language like a native. ✡ have their historic homeland largely in the region where contempo Israel (image/link on left) is situated.

Due to historic events, most of them were centuries ago displaced from there, then settling mostly in Europe. 1948, the UN assigned them territory in their historical region (a state Palestine did not exist), which then became the state of Israel. We will soon see that it probably were in the best interest of everyone (many may not yet be aware of it) that ✡ just return there, and most of all, stay there - for good.

As a consequence of their religion, called judaism, they consider themselves to be the 'chosen people': 'For you are a holy people to the Lord your God: marked out by the Lord your God to be his special people out of all the nations on the face of the earth', we read in Deuteronomy 7:6 (image/link on left). In case of some sort of conflict between them and others, we can assume that they will always claim to be in the right - just because they are the 'chosen people'.

You would think that the political elite were aware of this and realise the potential for problems: It would be risky enough to give such people a residence permit. To pretend they are co-nationals, without further scrutiny, and also provide them with the country's passport, plus keeping on importing more of them, is a recipe for disaster. And I haven't yet talked about the laws against citizens politicians have passed post-WW2 to protect ✡, not to mention the preferential climate ✡ keep enjoying in basically all domains of society to pursue their 'Is it good for the ✡' motto, also in pretty dubious forms.

In fact, they're having outrageous privileges at the expense of the native population that the latter have not even started to comprehend. Like, I have never seen anybody speak about all the technologically 'executive' functions (primarily internet/mobile telephony) they clearly have seized, and which they keep on abusing at the expense of not least those who they consider to potentially jeopardise their 'Is it good for the ✡' strategy (like yours truly), while we are being mocked with an official, pervasive 'privacy' hype.

Proof? Click this visual example. To appreciate it, you need to know: I have little Twitter acitivity because they keep harassing me - yes, also under alleged free speech absolutist Elon Musk (who I also suspect of being ✡) -, I do not follow anyone nor do I have any followers. (If ever someone subscribes, I will remove him: If you are interested, come back on your own, at reasonable intervals.) So what reason would there be to assume that a tweet of mine all of a sudden has 700 views? How would they even know that I have an almost hidden Twitter account? Also, if these visitors were so interested in what I have to say re health issues, wouldn't you think that they now also flood the YT link? (Hint: They don't.) So who could these mystery fans of mine be? Hmm? Any educated guesses ?? Mind you: The important part here is that you're not 'antisem'

Get real: There is no control whatsoever, we're being humiliated until our end by ✡, and all due to our clue/spine/useless politicians who fail to open their senses, fail to think independently (thus not like indoctrinated zombies, as is now the case), fail to carry out the measures logically necessary - and all because someone could call them 'antisem', so they choose their career comfort over the country's interest.

If the government talks about separation of powers, independent judiciary & co, they lie to you (not sure to what degree they are even aware of it). 'Is it good for the ✡' being the basic law/constitution of ✡, what degree of respect will they have for their involuntary host nation's laws? All this can only reinforce their 'chosen people' conviction - a truly self-Righteous Among the Nations. Yet to my knowledge, at least in more recent times no politician has ever addressed the ✡ claim to be the 'chosen people' and the ensuing potential for conflict.

Let's be clear: They are religion-driven orientals. Even those who don't regularly visit the synagogue remain problematic, because diaspora ✡ have a tendency to maintain their mishpoke contacts. This is where they, again and again, mutually fill up spiritually on their traditional beliefs and habits, such that they remain who they have always been, no matter in which country they are. Little wonder they have since the Middle Ages been known as the Eternal ✡ (sometimes also called Wandering ✡ - let's stick to the first term).

Of course europeans and others were not delighted of being exposed to such strange, exotic, often impudent and most of all unchangeable creatures. Confronted with hostile reactions in Europe and elsewhere, at the same time filled with their 'chosen people' myth, ✡ have over time developped an efficient strategy to stay safe also in the face of massive rejection, while asserting their agenda. Their method basically consists of brushing off any criticism as 'antisem', and then endless variations of this recipe based on that, all by twisting normal words through systematic abuse into toxic (loaded) ones. People fear to be called 'antisem', even if so happens baselessly (like in virtually all cases), just for fear of the societal ramifications. They are thereby effectively being manipulated into avoiding to use their intended words, or freely saying what they wished to say - and by extension even avoid developping any thoughts in that direction at all. And that in 'free societies' boasting of their constitutional free-speech rights. If this is not a subtle monstrosity, what is it?

Let me insert here: The antisem term is, judged by its contents, plain nonsense. It is only meant to provoke this reaction: Once being called an antisem, you are supposed to be shamed into permanent silence, and others are supposed to ally in outrage against you, to build pressure on you so you will stay under the rock. So a discussion of your justified criticism of bad ✡ habits won't take place in this 'free' society. Understandably ☪, the other oriental religion-driven faction also hoping to defeat the white-christian 'unbeliever' societies, seeing how well the antisem scam works, had nothing more important to do than coin their own analogue - isfob. If ever you get called one of these names, reject it as hogwash and demand to get answers to the very justified questions re MC and PC, that you now are in the process of developping. The same is true for bassism, which is meant to prevent you asking why our 'democratic' politicians keep flooding us with third-world migrants, and without our consent - surely a very justified question. Tip: Race is not the real problem here. It's the intruders' very foreign culture, itself based on a very foreign religion, which is the problem (and coupled with huge and growing numbers).

Now have a look at ✡ persecution (image/link on left). What do we see here? Between 250 and 1945, ✡ and their exotic behaviour triggered more than 200 pogromes of the locals against the uninvited ✡ intruders. What were the reasons, according to ✡? Well - there was one only, always the same one, according to the author of that text. And it was - surprise, surprise - antisem. What else could it be, according to that logic. But why has it never occurred to these allegedly 'highly intelligent' people (to me, 'impertinent' would make more sense), or even nationwide Nobel candidates, that their own exotic behaviour pattern in foreign lands was the decisive factor? Are you starting to suspect that antisem might be a religion-motivated shtick - a method to cover their machinations abroad, while protecting them against a natural human response, reactions that any sane adult acting like ✡ would expect, thus would not be surprised of? Could it be that ✡ are not sane adults?

I urge you to read this chosen people/antisem part again and again, consciously becoming aware of your indoctrination and actively repressing it, until you start to comprehend the implications - ie what comes next if you swallow this hook (= the official antisem logic). One thing leads to another: Our failure so far to confront the chosen people myth and the ensuing antisem scam is the cause of everything else that followed. You should really see these facts, in order to be able to fully comprehend that this is the breeding ground for all the other things we keep witnessing.