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3 A way to solve the problem of the jewish diaspora - for good

Even if we assume that some leading politicians read this and agree, can we expect them to get active and take the initiative? Hardly, they are too much in cahoots with the system as it now stands. Still there seems to be a realistic solution...
Politicians are not the only ones in society holding power. There are others, on lower levels, and they can perform steps on this way which would be decisive if well organised. You see, we can assume there are many patriotic people in all levels of government who watch in horror what politicians do. They may say to themselves, 'If only I knew what to do, I would be more than willing to do it if this leads to a solution'. Well, here it is.
All we need is to force the prime minister to abandon the cosy atmosphere of his sound-proof office, venture out in the real world and become active in the sense outlined. Here's how to achieve it: 1. Have members of the secret service ascertain the identities of those in the jewish hierarchy's upper tier who call the shots, pass them on to the army and a higher public prosecutor. 2. Once this list is complete, send teams to arrest them in a surprise action and put them into temporary custody. 3. Have the prosecutor indict them for treason and related offences.
Make no mistake, there will not be a lawsuit. Jerusalem will know within minutes, and then the prime minister is in a strong bargaining position where he can negotiate the release of these people without a lawsuit. My suggestion would be: Strip them of their second nationality, expropriate them, send them and their next-of-kin back to Israel, and without a return or replacement option. Because:
Now that the parallel society is without its top tier, the rest can be assimilated. Those who still won't assimilate within a few years will be treated like the members of the top tier. Jews must comprehend: There is no more worming their way through comfortable 1st-world societies. It's either assimilate to them = become one of them, or remain a jew = go back to Israel. And the PROBLEM IS SOLVED after a few years. And to the jews I have one thing to say: Go and see a psychiatrist. Tell him you have a manipulative disorder that you would like to get rid off .)