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2 Understand why diaspora jews are a problem

(It would be nice if I weren't the only one to recognise the following interrelation...)
We don't have to mention those few jews who really are assimilated - they call themselves 'americans' (etc pp). But those who identify as 'jews' make clear that they are NOT assimilated. This is about these many who, at first glance, appear to be white christian people. In reality however, they follow their own agenda, which is directed against the involuntary host nation (IHN) and its inhabitants. The moment citizens of the IHN are close, they adapt to them. Once they're gone, the jews do their own thing again. This is organised deception on a massive scale.
Jews are orientals who follow their religion. Moreover, they consider themselves 'the chosen people'. So in principle, they are quite similar to mohammedans. And just like these, they form their own parallel society with its own hierarchy. As a regular citizen, you will meet the members of their lower tier, and indirectly (via the media) some of their medium tier. That's fx journalists, who will explain us on TV what to think. Then, there is the upper tier, people you won't hear much about - generally only every few months, when they have the media 'warn' against this or that. It's these people who take the decisions for their parallel society, and to which the parallel society reports. There is as much or little of a 'democracy' among them as is here. And as they live here, their decisions have repercussions on our own societies. Most of all, decisions related to their survival strategy in a potentially unfriendly IHN are taken there. Everyone in the hierarchy of their parallel society plays an active roll in the process of implementing these decisions, and no-one can sign out. It's organised like a military operation. Jews seem to feel like they are in a permanent defence condition. So wouldn't they feel better if they returned to their country of origin?
While the mohammedan parallel society is hard to touch, because people have been conditioned to fear to be called 'islamophobe', the jewish parallel society has had a saints status since WW2 and, consequently, is completely untouchable. They can do whatever they want to: As long as they keep up appearances, there's nothing they have to fear. There is an enormous group pressure inside the jewish parallel society: All jews are basically the same, and independent thinkers (dissenters - if there are any) have a really hard time. Still occasionally there is one who keeps going. To my mind comes Stephen Miller - also check this article. Another one would be David Cole. Only in rare circumstances do they feel the need to pull the 'anti-semitism' card towards outsiders - corresponding to the equally meaningless 'islamophobia' card -, and they're actually glad about that, for this is their last line of defence. So what kind of people can handle the situation of being treated as saints? Not the jews, that's for sure. And the cheekier they get, the more our powers-that-be look the other way.
Jews are so convinced of their chosen-people status that any changes with themselves are precluded. They will do to their IHN whatever they feel necessary such that they can keep doing it their way also there, always according to their motto 'Is it good for the jews?', no matter what it means for the IHN. And thanks to their sainthood status they can do that, without being controlled by the government. Have you noticed how much contempo politicians have changed (deteriorated) compared to their peers 50+ years ago, not to mention society at large? This is due to permanent massive jewish influence, most of all political correctness, developped and enforced on us by them.
This is a disastrous situation for us. You don't have to study their history on an academic level to be able to ask a few essential questions, that never seem to have been asked: How was it possible that whereever in Europe jews went in their history, they triggered violent reactions of the locals (pogromes)? How come the jews always diagnosed the one cause for this phenomenon which they seem to be able to find, and that is 'anti-semitism'? Between 250 and 1945, there were more than 200 pogromes of the locals against jews, and still it has really never occurred to these allegedly 'highly intelligent' people that their own exotic behaviour pattern has contributed decisively? Could it be they are being driven by their religion, just as mohammedans? Mohammedans are urged to spread islam over the world. But what is the jews' mission - does anyone know? Shouldn't we better know?!
NB 'antisemitism': Whoever shouts this (or islamophobia) claims victimhood status for themselves, in order to deflect our attention from their oriental, religion-driven mischief at our expense. Simply reject it and insist on focussing on it!
We've seen on page 1 that diaspora jewry has taken a high interest in promoting mohammedan and other 3rd-world immigration into the west, and never worrying about what the natives might say, or what such a development might mean for these countries in the medium and long run. This is such a questionable behaviour that I tend to believe jews must have their own IQ: It's an IQ where the I doesn't stand for 'intelligence' but 'impertinence'. And yes, now I agree: Jews really have the highest IQ in the world - nowhere else is there anyone with such a degree of IMPERTINENCE. If they were intelligent, wouldn't they be able to see that the development promoted by them spells trouble for the future of their IHN? Even if their status grants them a priviliged position, with an ongoing exotic deluge, sooner or later the pillars of society will collapse, and then they will feel the consequences too. Is it possible they don't see that? Or is it rather that they don't wish to see it, because it would mean they would have to assume some responsibility? To me, this appears like a case of The Sorcerer's Apprentice. And as there is no sorcerer to sort out the mess created by them, they will just let it go on, assuming they will be able to leave on a plane once the situation becomes intenable.
Like I said: Both jews and mohammedans act in accordance with their respective oriental religions. We do not comprehend this fact (plus jews have been 'saints', thus untouchable since 1945), and this is why they so far have won. Until now, we have managed to survive the never-ending jewish machinations, but will we also survive when not just the jews have the upper hand over us, but also the mohammedans? Do not react with emotions, but with your brains - this is not 'anti-semitism', it is independent, critical, intelligent thinking. We became great through this capability, but we will go down if we don't remember again how we became who we (still) are, plus act in accordance.
My own conclusion is, we cannot continue living with these people inside our countries and pretending they were like us, only 'a bit more ingenious, so better just let them do'. It is quite possible that they have some good people too, just as we do, but I'm convinced that, if we add up all the good and bad aspects of their presence, we may find to see that the result is negative. So how should we solve this problem? Through 'beheading' their parallel society, then assimilation of the rest, and forceful enough to be taken serious.
--- Addendum re 'Jews have been saints, thus untouchable since 1945':
Here is a little more on the 'recent' history. In july 1938, there was a League of Nations (this is the UN's predecessor) conference in Evian, on the french side of Lake Geneva, now called the Evian Conference. Invited were the white/christian countries, and they were asked to permit entry and stay for persecuted jews from Germany. But none of these countries was willing to comply. Why? Were they all 'anti-semites' etc? No, they were simply aware of what jews would mean for their societies (so this was overwhelmingly not something positive), and therefore they refused. Easy to understand, one would think: Throughout centuries in their diaspora, jews have caused problems in their IHN, and according to their attitude, they themselves are never responsible - responsible are always the others.
But after the war, when more on the jews' destiny during the 40s became known, some of the jewish survivors saw their chance for a 'final solution to the goyim question' (rather ironic, isn't it) - and they have followed this course systematically ever since. They kept on exerting influence in a coordinated way on western politicians for their 'responsibility' for their (jewish) destiny during the Hitler era long enough, such that none of them dared to express anything critical about jews anymore - although there were (and continue to be) many reasons to be critical about them and their unchangeable character traits.
In short: After a short phase of victimhood, the eternal jews are now perpetrators - again.
And this has been an unwritten part of all white countries' basic law ever since: Jews are saints and can permit themselves ANYTHING, as long as it happens in a way that no scandal will be triggered. Two personally experienced examples of such jewish abuse, supported by the government: If they need advanced technical assistance to prove an 'anti-semite's guilt' for having said something on the internet which they didn't like, then they will get it from the government - no questions asked. If they want to enervate an 'anti-semite' and thus raise pressure on him, who is fond of his car and its contents, the government will give them the master key of the model (the radio part included!), in order to wirelessly unlock the parking car while driving past it during the night - such that the owner finds an opened car next morning.
Watch this classic 65-min film whose intention was to prepare germans for a life without diaspora jews (it used to be on Youtube but was censored away). There is 10 % propaganda in it, but the other 90 % are facts - 'eternal' facts. Here is a description of it.