Domreg warning

If you yourself have an 'antisemitic', 'rightwing' or similar domain name and wonder where NOT to register it, read this page

According to notes and memory: This domain was created in nov 2018 and registered with from Vista CA, USA (near San Diego). Shortly after, the website was uploaded to the webhost.

Fast forward 3 years: In sep 2021, charged the next annual rate to my credit card - thus 2 months early. Shortly therefter, this exchange (started by them) unfolded on their website - read each of the 3 threads bottum-up. (There was also a sideshow via email.) Note how 'my website' looked once they abusively had changed the nameservers. I was offline from 8 to 19/10/2021.

Am I mistaken, or does this look as if they were trying to rob me of my domain - for themselves, or on behalf of someone else? Only when I began to see the danger (which took me some time, this is not my field), I started to fight back with the remedies at my disposal - of which the biggest one appeared to be simple logic based on common sense and experience, and ICANN.

As far as I can see remotely, ultimately this mixture made surrender and facilitate the domain transfer to a reliable domreg desired by me (thus before ICANN managed to intervene), plus return the money charged early.

You have been warned.